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  • Aphelandra Zebra

Aphelandra Zebra

Why is the plant referred to as "Zebra plant?"

The Toronto office Aphelandra Zebra plant is an indoor plant with large, shiny dark green leaves white or yellow stripes that resemble those of a Zebra hence the name Zebra plant.

Its botanical name is Aphelandra squarrosa.

How are zebra plants grown?

How to grow Aphelandra Zebra

They are best grown by use of stem cuttings.

  1. The cuttings are taken from the mother plant and then dipped in a rooting hormone.
  2. Put soil in a container and then dig a small hole, the size of a pencil, and then place your plant in the soil.
  3. Cover the plant stalk gently without pressing the soil firmly.
  4. Since these plants prefer warm temperatures, you can cover them with polythene bags to trap moisture and create humidity. This will hasten the rate of root development.

What are the maintenance practices involved in the care of Zebra plants?

Care tips

  • Temperature

Aphelandra zebra plants thrive well in cool temperatures unlike warm temperatures that may slow down the rate of growth.

  • Humidity

They do not require very high humidity. The preferred range is 40-80 percent. You ought to select media that drains water fast to keep it moist but not wet. Excessive water supply will make the plant leaves weak and will start falling off.

  • Light

These plants grow well in bright, indirect sunlight. Too much sunlight causes burns on the leaves while less lighting reduces the rate of flowering.

  • Irrigation.

It is advised to use lukewarm water. Avoid too hot or too cold water. Remember to keep the soil moist (neither soggy nor dry.)

  • Pruning

When the flowers begin to dry, remove them.  Also prune the stems and leaves at the bottom to avoid a bushy plant, give room for light to penetrate and to prevent competition for nutrients.


Approximately 8" Pot x 10" H

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Aphelandra Zebra

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