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  • Glass Flowering Garden


How do glasses make gardens?

Have you ever seen a glass garden? Well, worry less. Toronto office glass flowering garden for indoor plants works just like the normal garden we all know. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful gardens ever.

Plants grown in glasses tend to be more expensive since we all know glass is worth it. Glasses are waterproof hence no exterior disturbances.

Name examples of plants that do well in glass containers.

  • Club moss
  • Prayer plant
  • Southern maidenhair fern
  • Polka dot plant
  • Crotons

What are some of the things one needs to keep in mind while practicing glass gardening?

Care tips

  • First, the choice of the glass is very essential. If you settle on an open top container, water frequently when the soil dries up. This is because there is a higher rate of air circulation. Otherwise, water the plants seldom.
  • Secondly, vary the plants' colour and sizes. Do not grow plants of the same size or colour in one glass. Vary them for attraction.
  • Thirdly, choose media that drains well. A mixture of sand, soil and perlite can do better. Do not overwater.
  • Fourthly, glass is fragile and needs to be handled with care to avoid breakages. Do not expose glass to full sunlight as it may damage the glass.
  • Lastly, prune when needed. If you like a bushy plant, you can do less of trimming. If you do not like bushy plants, you can trim as desired.

Give three advantages of glass gardening over other containers.

Benefits of glass gardening

  • Glass is used for attraction. It adds more beauty to the product hence there is so much customer satisfaction.
  • Glass can be reused or recycled to grow other plants.
  • Glass is waterproof and known to be chemically stable. It has smooth sides that offers good surfaces for plant growth.


  • As shown: 18" tall in a 6x6x6 inches clear glass cube.
  • Deluxe: 21" tall in a 8x8x8 inches clear glass cube.
  • Premium: 24" tall in a 9x9x9 inches clear glass cube.

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Glass Flowering Garden

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