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  • Natural Living Bamboo

Natural Living Bamboo

How do bamboo plants survive indoors?

Toronto office natural living bamboo plants can be grown indoors. Well, we all know that bamboo plants are grown outside since they are known to be "water lovers." because, they are indoor plants as well, also, potted bamboo plants are the best provided they get good water supply.

How do you grow indoor bamboo plants?

  • Just like other indoor plants, bamboo plants do require good choice of containers and media. Soil is the most preferred media. Use a clear container that will show if the soil has dried up. Plant younger bamboo stalks. Using older stalks may be a little bit hard because they have already hardened.
  • First, add soil to the containers and then add water thoroughly until the soil cannot take in any more water.
  • Secondly, plant your bamboo stalks in the container in an alignment of your choice either rows or lines.
  • Finally, monitor more often by watering daily, avoiding direct sunlight and removing the yellow stems.

How do you take care of a natural living bamboo plant?

Care tips

  1. Irrigation

Always ensure that there's good supply of water to the plants. They require a lot of water. Mist the leaves by using a spraying pipe. However, do not water them excessively to an extent that they will get soggy.

  1. Choice of media

The media used should be rich in nutrients and have good drainage to prevent it from being soggy. Do not allow the soil to dry.

  1. Fertilizer application

This is done to increase the rate of growth. If you need the plants to grow faster, apply fertilizer periodically.

  1. Trimming

Remove the yellow leaves that may be caused by fertilizer burns or too much sunlight.

Why are natural living bamboo plants important?

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  • As shown approximately:10" h x 9" w
  • Deluxe approximately: 12" h x 9" w
  • Premium approximately: 12" h x 9" w, and upgraded pot.

The height measurement refers to the bamboo stem not the leaves. Bamboos vary in the amount of leaf, hence the height measurements does not include the leaves. 

Container may vary.

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Natural Living Bamboo

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