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  • Peace & Serenity Dishgarden

Peace & Serenity Dishgarden

Why are these plants referred to as peace and serenity plants?

Toronto office Peace and serenity dish gardens are some of the symbolic plants we have in the market. Just from their name, they symbolize tranquility and calmness.

They are the perfect flowers for our clients to buy for a grieving friend mourning the loss of a loved one.

How are peace and serenity dish gardens grown?

Preparation for growth

Just like other dish gardens, there is not much difference in growing the peace and serenity dish gardens.

  • First, the choice of your potting container is very essential. Ceramics are the most preferred containers. The pots must have drainage holes at the bottom before you fill them with soil.
  • Secondly, add media, preferably a mixture of peat moss and sand for easy drainage.
  • Thirdly, plant taller plants in the middle and surround them with shorter ones for a clear view from whichever side one is observing the plant.
  • Lastly, monitor the plants' growth regularly for a healthy plant.

What are the maintenance practices involved in the care of these plants?

Care tips

  • Irrigation

Provide the right amount of water. However, too much watering will cause root rots while less watering will cause wilting.

  • Lighting

Provision of sufficient light is a key point to note. These plants thrive well in bright light but away from direct sunlight.

Give three advantages of purchasing these plants from Toronto office.

  • Dish garden are always cheap and always readily available, all year round.
  • They give customer satisfaction with their beautiful floral arrangement and express tranquility during grieving times.
  • They come in a variety of colors hence add beauty to your environment. A mixture of different colors creates attention to the onlookers.

    Container may vary.

    Approximately 13"W x 16"H




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Peace & Serenity Dishgarden

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