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Floor Plants

Floor Plants are a great way to add decor to your office space. They can be placed in those awkward empty spots in your office. We have a great variety of plants to choose from. You can choose from tall plants, for example, you can place your tall plant next to the water cooler or next to the receptionist desk. You can also choose from short plants that can be put in your office corner. If you are looking for a specific plant and you can’t see it below, give us a call at 416-568-8009 and we can provide it for you. Order your plant today and have it delivered to your office anywhere in Toronto and the GTA. 

Schefflera Office Plant
Snakeskin Plant (Sansevieria)
Tropical Bromeliad Plant
Yucca Office Plant
Calla Lily Plant by Flower Shop
Indoor Variegated English Ivy
Exotic Chinese Evergreen
Mix Guzmania Plant
Indoor Money Tree Plant
Indoor Tropical Money Tree Plant
Aglaonema Indoor Plant
Aralia Ming Plant
Arboricola Plant (Schefflera)
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