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  • Violet and Butterflies

Violet and Butterflies

  1. African Violets:

African Violets have that intrinsic charm that makes the observer’s eyes light up immediately. This makes them ideal for home and office décor.

African Violets are native to the tropics, and can therefore be grown in wide range of conditions. They don’t require extensive watering, and can be grown with minimum care. This makes them an instant favorite with domestic horticulture enthusiasts!

African violets are all season plants, and can be grown all year round. This gives them an added advantage over similar house plants. Lately, they’ve been bred to produce bicolored petals and flowers as well!


Taking care of you African Violet:

  1. Make sure the plant is placed in a pot with proper drainage. African Violets are delicate pants and although they are pretty resistant, excessive watering can result in stunted growth and poor health.
  2. African Violets don’t require much fertilizer. Use fertilizers only when you think that the growth of the plant has completely stopped, or that it is showing sign of poor health. Use fertilizer that is specifically made for delicate plants like the African violets, and even then, beware of adding too much of it!
  3. Since they are native to the tropics, African Violets thrive in humid environments. One way of doing that is to place pebbles in a tray along with the planter, and constantly keep the gravel moist!

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This can be really great ‘memorable gift’ idea

Approximately 9" W X 12” H

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Violet and Butterflies

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