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Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a common office plant, related to the Eastern practice of Feng Shui. The number of stalks is symbolic. Three stalks are associated with happiness, five stalks are associated with wealth and six stalks are associated with health. Since, the Chinese word for” four” sounds like the word “death”, people usually avoid the combination of four stalks. However, most people buy more Bamboo stalks for aesthetic reasons. Deliver Lucky Bamboos to your office today! Interested in other office plant options? How about Money Trees and Bonsai Plants.

"Heart in a Vase" Bamboo

"Heart in a Vase" Bamboo

$34.99 $39.99

3 Heart shaped Bamboo in a Vase
3-Layer Pyramid Bamboo
Bamboo Heart Shaped
Curly Lucky Bamboo in Clear Vase
Eve's Lucky Bamboo
Just Bamboo

Just Bamboo


Lucky Bamboo Heart Shaped
Natural Living Bamboo
Office Bamboo Plant
Pineapple Lucky Bamboo
Pyramid Lucky Bamboo
Shui Good Luck Bamboo
Tower Lucky Bamboo
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